It's small application, which can help you to learn vocables. It was primary developed for PDA (Windows Mobile 5.0), but it's working also on desktop windows (tested on Win XP). You select data file with words (each on new line) and program read it and scramble it and activate 1st word and 6 random translations from others words in file. You should select right couple. Sometimes (when there are too few words in data file) can be more than one variant equal, then you can select any of them.
Program is designed for its author, so if you don't like, then don't use it!
Author: Gimli2 (web:


It's freeware. You can share, copy or distribute it, but only without any claim on profit. Author provide NO support!!!


or... (May be any Win OS, where you can install .NET framework 2)


Czech version: - 7995B
MD5 checksum: 414421b4b0f730c6ef414e5cce53ba29

Data file format

Data format for files is absolutly simple. Each vocable is on new line. Line has 3 parts: "vocable to translate" one or more "TAB" "translation". For example:
draco	→dragon↵
et→	→and↵
lumen	→light↵
It's necessary to be file in UTF-8 codepage.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot